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Lotus365 — Sports Betting and Casino in India 2024

lotus365 betting experience
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Lotus365: Online Betting at Your Fingertips

At Lotus365, we offer a safe and enjoyable online betting platform, certified under Curacao gaming license.

You can enjoy classic casino games like poker and blackjack, as well as bet on sports such as cricket, football, basketball, tennis, and more. We also have quick games like Aviator and Mines, catering to everyone who loves betting.

We are the only legal betting site in India. Our goal is to make betting easy and fun for everyone. Join us to experience the excitement, where everything is just one click away.

Everything you need to know about Lotus365

What is the year of our registration? Lotus365 was registered in 2016
Do we accept Indian Rupees?Yes
Is Lotus365 safe and legal?Yes, we are 100% safe, licensed and legal. We are incorporated under the laws of Curacao Players
How much bonus do we offer?We offer upto 400% bonus on first deposit and 10% bonus on subsequent deposits
What is the minimum deposit?INR 500
What is minimum withdrawalINR 500
How fast is the withdrawal process?We give 24×7 instant withdrawals
What are the payment methods available?IMPS, UPI, Bank Transfer, PayTm, Google Pay, PhonePe, Skrill, Neteller, BitCoin
Which games can I play on Lotus365?You can bet on Sports games, Live Casino and Online Games.
Is there a Lotus365 App?Yes, we have app support for both IOS and android. You can also use desktop version
What are timings of the services?We are open 24×7 for deposits, withdrawals, placing bets and customer support
lotus365 - introduction

Is Lotus365 Legal in India?

Lotus365 is proud to be one of the oldest betting platform in India, having started our operations in 2016. We provide various platforms for our customers to place their bets. Our operations are fully legal, safe, and we are officially licensed under Curacao gaming regulations.

Customer safety and data security are our top priorities at Lotus365. We are proud to say that we have never experienced a data breach. This is thanks to our substantial investments in advanced cybersecurity measures, data privacy practices with top industry experts, and our exceptional in-house technology team. Despite numerous attempts to compromise our security, we have always ensured that our customers can bet safely and securely on Lotus365.

How to Register and Login with Lotus365?

1. Visit the official Lotus365 website.

2. Locate and click the Registration button as illustrated in the image below.

lotus365-start betting

3. After arriving at our dashboard, click the Sign Up button to continue.

lotus365-signup and login

4. Proceed to chat by clicking ‘continue’ and ask for the official Lotus365 ID.


5. Our customer support team is available 24×7 to assist you through the remaining steps.

6. We offer a variety of payment methods like IMPS, UPI, Bank Transfer, PayTm, Google Pay, PhonePe, Skrill, Neteller, BitCoin for your convenience.

welcome to lotus365

7. Once you receive the login ID and password from our team, click on login and enter the details.

lotus365-login with demo id

8. Once you login, do not forget to change the password.

lotus365-change password

Helpful Tip – Don’t forget to ask about the 400% Bonus

Bonuses and Promotions at Lotus365

lotus365 site bonuses and promotions

To make things better for our customers on Lotus365, we find it necessary to offer them some exclusive rewards. These benefits can take the shape of special offers and extra cash.

If you’re new here, we have something special just for you! The moment you put in your first amount such as ₹1,000, we will top it up with another ₹4,000 free! Hence, getting to a total of ₹5,000 to enjoy!

More Money: Additional bonuses do not only end with the initial funds. Once you receive your first large bonus, every time you add more money into your account, you’ll get an additional 10% extra.

Payment Options at Lotus365

At Lotus365, we recognize the relevance of safe and convenient ways of making online payments especially in betting. The following is a simple list of various payment options you can choose from:

  • UPI (Unified Payments Interface): This processes instant transfers easily.
  • IMPS (Immediate Payment Service): These are secure bank transfers all-day long.
  • NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer): It is most appropriate for safe and not so urgent bank transfers.
  • Google Pay: A quick alternative for swift phone payments.
  • PhonePe: Another common and trustworthy phone payment app.
  • PayTm: A flexible e-wallet ensuring secure financial transactions.
  • Skrill: An international e-wallet providing easy global transactions
  • Neteller: Ideal for gaming money transfer, being fast and secure at the same time.
  • Bitcoin: Provides private and secure digital currency use among other types of transaction alternatives

Our team at Lotus365 support centre is always available to address your queries or help with your payments. At Lotus365, we value making sure your payment process is smooth and secure so that you can have fun with your games.

lotus365 payment and deposit

Lotus365: Online Betting Made Easy

lotus365-how to deposit and withdraw

Lotus365 ensures a smooth and reliable online gaming experience. We use the best systems for quick and secure payments, with no withdrawal limits. You can withdraw any amount, as long as you have the funds in your account.

How to Deposit and Withdraw Money:

  • Contact Customer Care: Let us know how much you want to deposit or withdraw.
  • Get Payment Details: We will give you official payment details. Take a screenshot as proof of your deposit.
  • Funds : Once you make the payment, we will add the funds to your account.
  • Request Withdrawal: Simply request a withdrawal, and we will transfer your winnings to your account.

Always use the official Lotus365 customer care contacts for transactions. For your safety, only deal with our official customer support team.

How to start betting with Lotus365?

You can bet on the exchange rates while using Lotus365 which gives you an opportunity to Back or Lay your bets. We have a range of sports betting alternatives with cricket, football, and tennis being some of the popular games.

What’s more is that we have live session markets and fancy markets for a more amazing betting experience that will make your gambling journey as thrilling as possible.

A simple way to place a bet with Lotus365 India:

  1. Sign in/Log into your account.
  2. Search for the sport or event you want to place your stake on.
  3. Choose from our list of events and click on it.
  4. Add your prediction to the betting slip.
  5. How much do you want to put in? Decide the amount.
  6. Confirm the selections and wait for them to be settled.
  7. Look at wins or losses in Lotus365 P&L/Account statements after clearance.

Different types of bets on Lotus365

Back Betting with Lotus365

Back betting refers to the case where you bet on a given event taking place.

Here is a simple example using cricket match between India and Pakistan:

  • What it is: It’s about predicting what you think will happen.
  • Example: Think of India playing against Pakistan in cricket.
  • Your Bet: You choose to back India.
  • Odds: Let us say that the odds for India winning are 1.5.
  • How much you bet: So, let’s say you bet ₹1000 on India to win.

What happens if India wins:

Your bet wins – your return would be ₹1500 (your original ₹1000 bet x 1.5 odds).

Your profit is ₹500 (as your ₹1000 bet gets returned and another extra ₹500 on top of this).

What happens if India doesn’t win:

You lose your bet – you won’t get back the ₹1000 which you had placed.

Lay betting with Lotus365

Lay betting means placing a negative outcome wager.

How It Works:

  • Your Bet: In case Pakistan has odds of 1.5, then laying them against for an amount of ₹1000 can be the best thing for a Lay bet.
  • If Pakistan loses, You Win: In fact, such type of betting guarantees that if Pakistan loses then one wins with an equivalent amount in their possession i.e.₹1000 considering this scenario.
  • If Pakistan wins: You Lose: If on the other hand they succeed then ₹500 is gone down the drain since we have laid them at these odds per se.

In brief, in one such instance when one lays Rs 1000 under specific odds due to possible victory by a particular team. On winning by such a team as speculated here, payouts may be necessitated based on those odds. This puts one into the role of bookmaker whereby he or she collects the stake in case of a correct prediction but also pays if it is incorrect.

Session Betting and Fancy Betting with Lotus365

Session Betting and Fancy Betting are two types of bets popular in the sports betting industry. Let’s look at them in simple terms:

Session Betting:

  • What It Is: Betting on only parts of a game, not the whole match.
  • Example: For instance, in cricket, you can bet on how many runs will be hit during the first 10 overs.
  • How It Works: You predict specific things that will happen within an interval of time such as runs, wickets or goals per session.
  • Winning or Losing: If your prediction of particular runs or wickets turns out to be true, then you win. Otherwise, you lose.

Fancy Betting:

  • What It Is: This kind of gambling allows punters to bet on other aspects apart from winning or losing.
  • Examples: First goal scorer in soccer, total corners and sixes in cricket matches
  • How It Works: So you lay bets on less usual outcomes which provide a greater range and scope for excitement.
  • Winning or Losing: The success here depends on whether or not this particular condition, like the number of goals or corners, happens to be satisfied by what one gambles about.

Both Session Betting and Fancy betting present opportunities for more interaction with the sport than just picking a winner with participants being able to predict more detailed aspects of play like wickets run outs etc.

Tips for Betting with Lotus365

As far as betting is concerned, having a clear plan is crucial while starting out. One should always have a budget for the money you are ready to lose and keep it so that you don’t face financial difficulties.

For instance, if you decide to bet ₹500 on a match between India and Australia, make sure that you do not go above this amount even if it appears so tempting. It is also wise to conduct research about the games one would like to bet on.

It always helps to understand things such as team performance, player injuries and weather conditions. Finally, remember gambling is supposed to be fun rather than stressful; therefore, bet responsibly without risking anything you cannot afford losing.

  • Budgeting: Determine how much money you can lose and adhere to it.
  • Research: Understand about your teams, players and other conditions before placing any bets.
  • Start small: Begin with small stakes until you learn how betting works.
  • Odds comparison: Find the best value by looking at odds on platform like ours.
  • No chasing losses in betting: Never bet more after losing your initial stake trying to recover it all back again.
  • Quality for quantity in terms of higher returns on investments: Bet only on those options that are most likely going to win even though they may give lower earnings.
  • Betting terminologies learning process: Learn various kinds of wagers that exist today

Play safely only but for fun purpose as well because our main goal is entertainment alone;

Lotus365 gives many choices such as cricket football among others hence making individuals find easy time in choosing the sports events they know better. We will stand by you from start to finish, making sure that your betting experience is as enjoyable and as simple as possible.

Lotus365 Sportsbook

Lotus365 sportsbook is the core of our betting platform and offers a wide range of sports bets for every enthusiast. We take pride in offering a large selection of sports markets, meaning that our users have access to numerous events, leagues and competitions worldwide.

Our Sportsbook has gained global recognition not only because it provides odds on popular sports like soccer, cricket and basketball but even niche ones such as ice hockey and snooker.

Our Sportsbook was designed with user experience in mind. We ensured that our platform is intuitive allowing easy navigation meaning you can find your favourite games or place your bets with ease. The simplicity, clarity and efficiency of our betting interface appeals to newbies and gurus alike.

Our priority at Lotus365 is providing competitive odds so that clients get maximum advantage by placing their bets here. Moreover we offer live betting opportunities thereby giving room for proactive participation in the ongoing process of any play unfolding in front of one’s eyes. This changeable kind of gambling draws customers into the very game they love making it truly exciting.

Lotus365 Cricket Betting

lotus365-cricket betting

Engaging with cricket betting at Lotus365 gives people more chances to become involved in the sport. Here is a short summary:

Main Events:

  • IPL (Indian Premier League): The biggest T20 league in India.
  • ICC World Cup: The global one-day international competition.
  • T20 World Cup: Worldwide Twenty20 Championship Cricket.
  • Ashes Series: Traditional Test series between England and Australia.

Betting Options:

  • Match Betting: Bet on who will win the match.
  • Top Batsman/Bowler: Predict who will score most runs or take most wickets.
  • Total Runs: Guess the total runs scored in a match or by a team.
  • Player Performance: Bet on a player’s performance points, considering runs, wickets, etc
  • Live Betting: Place bets on matches as they happen.

Lotus365 Cricket Betting Tips:

  • Research Form and History for Teams and Players
  • Conditions – Pitch and Weather
  • Odds – Best Odds Including Back and Lay
  • Budget – Limit and play within your means

Lotus365 Football Betting

lotus365-football betting

Lotus365 football betting is very dynamic and vibrant in nature. Here are the details:

Crucial Events:

  • The FIFA World Cup: The greatest international football tournament.
  • UEFA Champions League: The topmost competition for European clubs.
  • English Premier League: England’s foremost soccer league.
  • La Liga: The highest division of the Spanish league system, the professional one at that.

Varieties of Betting options:

  • Match Winner: Place a bet on who will win the game.
  • Over/Under Goals: Anticipate if the whole number of goals will be above or below a given figure.
  • Both Teams to Score: Bet on whether both teams will score in the match or not.
  • Correct Score: Forecast exactly what number of goals either team would net into the opponent side during an entire ninety minute period?
  • First Goalscorer: Choose which player out of many attackers that you think might hit a net earliest in this game?

Lotus365 Football Betting Tips:

  • Team Form: Check recent performances by these sides
  • Player Injuries: Be aware of key players who are injured or suspended.
  • Head-to-Head Records: Look at previous matches between those teams
  • Home Advantage Considerations – This looks at how different stadiums affect games’ results
  • Manage Funds – Always stick to your budget when placing bets and never attempt recovering losses

Lotus365 Tennis Betting

lotus365-tennis betting

With Lotus365 tennis betting takes on a new, dynamic dimension that allows you to interact with one of the most exciting sports in the world. Here’s what you need to know:

Grand Slam Tournaments:

  • Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open.
  • ATP & WTA Tours: Continuously held tournaments throughout the year which gives numerous opportunities to make bets.
  • Davis Cup: The main international men’s team event in tennis.
  • Olympic Tennis: The Summer Olympics offers singles and doubles competitions for tennis players.

Types of Bets:

  • Match Winner: This just means who is going to win the match. 
  • Set Betting: What is your prediction for the score at set point?
  • Total Games: It is about betting on how many games will be played in total during the match.
  • Game Handicap: This is where you bet on a player with an added or subtracted number of games handicap winning.
  • First Set Winner: Predict who will win the first set. 

Betting Tips:

  • Player Form: Consider their latest matches’ performance results. 
  • Surface Preference: Specific surfaces (hard court, grass, clay) suit some players better than others.
  • Head-to-Head: Their previous meetings should also influence decision making.
  • Injuries: Consider any injuries or fitness concerns they might have had recently.

Tennis betting at Lotus365 combines passion for sport with logical thinking that improves watching experience.

Lotus365 Horse Racing

Horse racing bets at Lotus365 are quite thrilling given that this platform features races from all around the globe. Here’s what you need to know:

Key Events:

  • Kentucky Derby – American prestige race;
  • The Grand National – Britain’s best known racing event;
  • Melbourne Cup – Australia’s biggest horse-racing event;
  • Dubai World Cup – One of the most valuable horse races worldwide.

Types of Bets:

  • Win: Bet on a horse to win the race.
  • Place: Bet on a horse to finish either first or second.
  • Show: A bet placed on a horse that one believes will come in the top three positions
  • Exacta: Predict who will be the first two horses in the correct order.
  • Trifecta: Predict who will be the first three horses in correct order.

Betting Tips:

  • Study Form: Check how well it has been performing recently and how it has trained.
  • Track Conditions: Take into account different tracks for better performance. 
  • Jockey and Trainer: What are their past records like?
  • Post Position: Where a horse begins from may affect its outcome in racing.
  • Set a Budget: Only gamble what you can afford to lose; manage your money accordingly.

Horse racing at Lotus365 is not all about winning, but also understanding every aspect of the game thus each bet becomes much more than just picking out possible winners.

Lotus365 Greyhound Racing

lotus365-greyhound racing

Have you ever placed a bet on Greyhound racing? You are missing a lot if you haven’t. Try Lotus365 and get the most thrilling experience with fast-paced races from different tracks around the world.

Key Events:

  • English Greyhound Derby: One of the leading dog racing events in Great Britain.
  • Irish Greyhound Derby: A significant event for Ireland’s greyhound racing calendar.
  • Melbourne Cup: One of Australia’s major greyhound races that is not to be mistaken for a horse race.

Types of Bets:

  • Win: Place a bet on an individual greyhound to win the race.
  • Place: Bet on where your chosen greyhound will finish- 1st or 2nd place.
  • Show: Your aim should be to predict which dog will come first, second, or third after crossing the finish line.
  • Quinella: Pick out two dogs randomly and say who will come first and who will follow him/her.
  • Trifecta: Choose three dogs by their names and say who will belong to the trifecta according to their results.

Betting Tips:

  • Greyhound’s Form: Analyse how it has been performing lately
  • Track Conditions; Different tracks have better performance records for some dogs than others
  • Starting Position; The number of gate it opens from influences its chances of winning
  • Race History; How has it fared in previous games played?

Lotus365 Kabaddi Betting

Do you know anything about betting on Kabaddi? Enjoy this ancient sport by placing bets with Lotus365, which is especially popular in India.

Key Events:

  • Pro Kabaddi League (PKL): India’s elite professional Kabaddi competition
  • Asian Games; Several countries from all over Asia participate when it is done
  • Kabaddi World Cup: The nations of the world attend this international event.

Types of Bets:

  • Match Winner: Who will win?
  • Point Spread: By how many points will one team triumph over another?
  • Total Points: Will the total points be above or below a chosen number?
  • Best Raider: Guess who will score highest raid points in total.
  • Best Defender: Who is going to have more tackle points?

Betting Tips:

  • Team Form; What are the recent performances of both teams.
  • Player Injuries, always stay informed on critical injuries which may result in some players not featuring in the match.
  • Head-to-Head; Look at past contests between two teams
  • Game Strategy; what strategies are used by each team means that you can see where they’re headed in their next game

Betting on Kabaddi, offered through Lotus365, is an opportunity to participate in a very exciting sports tradition. It makes every match much better.

Lotus365 Lok Sabha 2024 Elections Betting

Betting with Lotus365 on India’s crucial elections for the Lok Sabha is an exceptional way to relate with the political dynamics of the country. Here is a brief guide to help you get started:

lotus365-loksabha 2024

Key Things to Think About:

  • Main Parties: Know about the leading political parties such as BJP, INC and other regional outfits.
  • Opinion Polls: Observe pre-election opinion polls for possible derivations.
  • Political Climate: Knowledge on prevailing politics and vital issues may provide additional information for your gambling actions.

Types of Bets:

  • Overall Winner: Place your bets on which party will obtain the majority of seats.
  • Prime Minister Candidate: Predict who will be next PM.
  • State-Wise Winners: Determine which party will win in a particular state’s election.
  • Seat Count: This bet involves betting on how many seats each party should have, it can be more than or less than an indicated number.

Tips for Placing Bets:

  • Research: Delve into latest political news, trends and campaign strategies used by parties
  • Historical Data: Study previous elections results to identify any patterns that might influence the current election
  • Public Opinion: Keep up with social media and news outlets that may give hints about popular sentiment

By betting on Lotus365 platform during the Lok Sabha 2024 election one can become part of national events as well as enjoy unique fun moments.

ESports betting with Lotus365

At Lotus365, eSports betting is easy and enjoyable. You can bet against one another on popular games such as CS GO and Valorant where you place your money behind which team will win. One can choose either Valorant team combats or CS GO high speed shootings; all these are available at Lotus356 so that you might support them while still earning some cash when they get well done. It’s another level of excitement to be a part of esports you love watching.

Lotus365 Live Streaming

The live streaming feature by Lotus365 enables you to watch sports and esports events taking place right now. This way, you can watch everything happening in real-time and make more informed decisions about your bets. It is an excellent way to keep in touch with your favourite games and tournaments such as the English Premier League, Indian T20 cricket league, Wimbledon etc., making them more exciting for your gambling experience.

Lotus365 Online Casino Games

lotus365-online casino games
  • Roulette: Spin the wheel and bet on where the ball will land.
  • Blackjack: Try to hit 21 or conquer the dealer’s hand without going over.
  • Baccarat: Bet on which hand, Player or Banker, will be nearer to 9.
  • Amar Akbar Anthony: A different game that blends ancient and modern betting experiences together.
  • Teen Patti: Popular Indian card game sometimes called Indian Poker.
  • Dragon Tiger: A fast and simple card game comparing Dragon and Tiger hands.

And More: There are lots of other exciting games with their own rules and winning opportunities

These games are a mix of the traditional casino experience with local flavours that cater for everyone. 

Lotus365 Quick Flash Games

For gamblers who fancy quick wagers, Lotus365 has an assortment of Quick Flash Games that provide fast-paced gaming experiences. Below is a summary of some of these games:

  • Aviator: Modern bettings in which you guess when the plane will take off before it vanishes completely in order to win you out.
  • Keno: Lottery type gambling game whereby you have to pick numbers and get paid depending on how many matches during draw results.
  • HiLo: Betting whether the next card will be higher or lower than the current one – simple as that!
  • Goal: Predict outcomes in virtual football matches for winning rewards
  • Hotline: A few seconds guessing then win big time decision making process in this super-fast resulting action packed play.

These Quick Flash Games have been designed for entertainment purposes as well as winning possibilities, perfect for those who want to play quickly using Lotus365 within the shortest time frame possible.

Lotus365 Customer Support

lotus365 - customer support and security at lotus365
  • Quick Account Setup – Get your betting ID (account) in just 30 seconds – super fast!
  • Instant Withdrawals – Need your winnings? We help you withdraw them instantly, no waiting around.
  • Tech Support — Encounter a bug? You can always count on our rapid technical troubleshooting team.
  • Money Matters: Whether it’s deposits, withdrawals, or any money questions, we’ve got you covered.
  • 24/7 Help — Anytime you need us, we’re here to help with all your queries and concerns.

Lotus365  FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) :

How to do Lotus365 Login and Registration?

Just click on the registration button at the top of the screen and follow the steps to get your ID.

Is Lotus365 app in legal in India?

Yes, Lotus365 is completely legal, safe and licensed under Curacao gaming to carry out its operations in India.

How do I get a bonus on Lotus365 win?

Once you deposit money into your account, there will be a bonus added to this amount automatically. First time users get a 400% bonus on deposit.

How do I make withdrawals from my Lotus365 login account?

Login to your account, go to ‘my account’, click on withdraw. Once you confirm, your amount will be credited to your account.

What is the minimum amount that I can deposit?

The minimum amount that can be deposited is Rs.500/-

How to delete Lotus365 vip account?

Login to your account, click on “My account”, select delete account. Our team will get in touch with you to finalise the deletion of your account.

Which payment methods are available on Lotus365 in?

You can make payments via UPI, Google Pay, PhonePe, Netbanking, Bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller and many more.

Why Lotus365 login is not working?

Open your browser < Delete all the cookies and clear cache < Login again to your account. If the problem still persists please reach out to our customer support.

Where can I download Lotus365 App?

Open our official website, click on the “App and Id” page. Click on the “Lotus download Apk” button.

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