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Cricket Betting

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We welcome you to the world of Cricket Betting that brings cricket games from around the world to your fingertips. It is a perfect platform for enhancing your cricket-watching experience with thrilling betting options as it caters to those who love the intense Ashes rivalries, colourful spectacles of Indian Premier League, and worldwide battles in ICC World Cups.

Why Choose us for Cricket Betting?

More Matches: We have made sure that there is always something to bet on when it comes to cricket because through our wide range of betting events look for whatever they are looking for. 

Through IPL (Indian Premier League) one can get to know about India in real sense as in this league cricket is not only a game but it’s an event .Enjoy the global bonds and rivalry of the ICC World Cups where teams from all corners of the world compete for top honours in cricket.

Experience the ferocity and emotion of the Bilateral series where friendships and animosity are tested on the field.

Check out exciting leagues like Big Bash League , Caribbean Premier League (CPL), Pakistan Super League (PSL). Every league has its own style, players and mood.In these leagues or more with our app you can always make money by placing bets on your favourite teams and players.

Better Odds: We offer some of the most competitive odds which makes us stand out in the industry due to being directly powered by Betfair unlike other private bookmakers who set their own odds.Of importance is that our Exchange-like odds give you much better value per stake contrary to conventional ones. 

We provide odds that average 15% higher than established bookies’ prices

For example, while others might only provide 1.75 odds for India versus Pakistan in an intense match, our platform would give better 1.85 odd chances. This increases your potential profits.This means that if India were playing against Pakistan and you bet ₹100 on India to win, you would get ₹85 with us whereas traditional bookies would only give you ₹75. By joining us, this can translate into higher profits for you.

Live Betting: In live betting, you can bet not just on the winner but much more during a live match. You may wager on a wide range of events with us, including bowler with the most wickets, batsmen with a majority of sixes or fours, top scorers, number of dot balls, and session runs over by over. 

It allows one to gamble as the game goes on increasing the intensity associated with viewing.Whereas live cricket betting is an interactive and fun-filled experience that brings you closer to the action as it unfolds.

Cricket Betting Tips and Strategies:

Understand the Game: Your betting decisions can be significantly improved by learning about rules, players as well as conditions.

Study Team Form as well as Player Performance: What has happened recently will give you some idea about what teams and players are likely to do in future matches?

Think About the Conditions: The pitch and weather have a big effect on how a cricket match turns out.

It is crucial to be responsible with your money: You should make bets which are reasonable and stake only what you can afford to lose

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum deposit figure?

The least amount of cash that one can fund his account is 100₹

Which betting apps offered the highest bonus?

Lotus365 – 400% deposit bonus

Can I withdraw cricket bet funds?

Yes, you can withdraw your money instantly with the help of our customer support within minutes.

Which form of cricket do most gamblers usually bet on?

T20 is a highly popular betting format.

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