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IPL Betting


Lotus365 lets you join the fun of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Everyone in the cricket world is looking forward to the IPL matches, so come bet with us on one of the most exciting cricket events in the world. We can help you bet on any team, whether you’re a fan of the Mumbai Indians, the Chennai Super Kings, or another team.

Getting Started with Lotus365 IPL Betting:

Sign Up or Log In:

Betting on the IPL starts with a Lotus365 ID. Click “Sign Up” and enter your information to register. If you have an account, hit “Log In” and input your credentials. This safe and customised method lets you manage your bets, examine your betting history, and alter your account settings.

Deposit Funds:

You must fund your account to bet after signing up. Lotus365 sends you to a Whatsapp Relationship Manager after signup. This personal touch lets you speak directly with a member of our staff to get bank information for depositing cash. You may pay via UPI, cryptocurrency, IMPS, or RTGS for ease and security.

Choose Your Matches:

Navigate to the IPL section on Lotus365 ID to find a comprehensive list of upcoming matches. For example, you could select a classic rivalry match like Mumbai Indians vs. Chennai Super Kings. This section will provide you with all the latest odds and match details, enabling you to make informed decisions on which games to bet on.

Place Your Bets:

Once you’ve chosen your match, it’s time to place your bets. Lotus365 offers a variety of bet types ranging from simple match winners to more complex bets like individual player performances. For instance, you might bet on the Mumbai Indians to win against CSK or predict Rohit Sharma as the top batsman. Select your preferred bet type, decide on your stake, and confirm your wager.

Track the Action:

After you’ve placed your bets, you can use your custom Lotus365 ID to watch the games and keep up with the action in real time. With this feature, you can see how your bets are doing in real time and make any changes you need to as the game goes on. It makes betting more fun by keeping you interested and up to date during the IPL season. 

Types of Lotus365 IPL Bets Available:

Match Winner:

Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings. If the odds for Mumbai Indians to win are 1.80 and for Chennai Super Kings are 2.00, a ₹100 bet on Mumbai Indians would return ₹180 if they win, netting a ₹80 profit. Conversely, a ₹100 bet on Chennai Super Kings would return ₹200 if they win, resulting in a ₹100 profit.

Top Batsman/Bowler:

In a match between RCB and Delhi Capitals, you might bet on Virat Kohli as the top batsman or Jasprit Bumrah as the top bowler. If Kohli’s odds to be the top scorer are 3.50, a ₹100 bet would return ₹350 if he scores the most runs in the match. Similarly, if Bumrah’s odds to take the most wickets are 4.00, a ₹100 bet would yield ₹400 if he ends up being the top bowler.

Total Runs:

In the same match, the total runs might be set at 220.5. If you bet ₹100 on over (with odds of 1.90) and the total runs scored are 221 or more, you would win ₹190. If you bet on under (also with odds of 1.90) and the total runs are 220 or fewer, you would also win ₹190.

Player Performance:

For a match featuring Andre Russell, you might have the option to bet on him scoring over or under 30.5 runs. If the odds for over 30.5 runs are 2.10 and you bet ₹100, you would win ₹210 if he scores 31 runs or more.

Future Bets:

Prior to the start of the IPL, you might place a future bet on the Mumbai Indians to win the entire tournament. If their odds to win are 5.00, a ₹100 bet would return ₹500 if they clinch the title.

Fancy Bets:

You could bet on the number of sixes in an over during a match between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. If the odds for more than one six in the 6th over are 3.00, a ₹100 bet would return ₹300 if two or more sixes are hit in that over.

Lotus365 ID is both complete and fun for all of your IPL betting needs. You can get more out of watching cricket by betting on it. There are different types of bets, prices that are competitive, and a lot of coverage of every IPL match. 

Our ID is great for all types of bettors, whether they are trying to guess who will win a match, bet on how a player will do, or look into future bets. Enjoy the exciting IPL season to the best, but remember to bet wisely and keep up with team and star stats. Have fun betting!

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