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Anil Kumble’s Top 10 Bowling Performances

anil kumble top 10 bowling performances

Anil Kumble, one of India’s greatest spin bowlers, has displayed several match-winning performances throughout his illustrious career. The fact that he is known for being determined, accurate and capable of extracting bounce and turn underscores his legendary status to Indian cricket. This article investigates his top 10 bowling performances which have become memorable in the history of the game.

1. 10/74 vs. Pakistan (Delhi, 1999)

In Delhi in 1999 however, Anil Kumble’s most iconic performance came against Pakistan when he took all ten wickets in an innings, thus becoming only the second bowler ever to achieve this remarkable feat. Even now, it remains one of the most outstanding achievements seen in cricket with figures of 10/74.

2. 8/141 vs Australia (Sydney, 2004)

When India was able to draw against Australia at Sydney during test match series of 2004; Kumble’s contribution was quite vital and it ended up as a memorable day for every Indian fan who watched the entire series had sleepless nights until its very end. For each delivery they faced from him in any session or over bowled by man himself either singly or collectively team would find it hard to score runs as long as that particular spell lasted with no exceptions.

3. 7/48 vs West Indies (Kolkata, 1993)

Another stand-out performance was Kumble’s heroic effort of seven wickets for forty-eight against West Indies on Kolkata soil during Hero Cup semifinals [sic]. It turned out into a walkover when his magical spins collapsed West Indians batting line-up leading to victory.

4. 6/12 vs West Indies (Kolkata, 1993)

On that final day at Hero Cup final played between India and West Indies on November “24th” [sic] “[19]93”[sic], Anil Kumble conjured a magical spell to return figures of 6/12, saving his team from what would have been an embarrassing defeat after they had set a modest score. His performance was crucial in winning the trophy and demonstrated how he could handle pressure.

5. 6/61 vs South Africa (Johannesburg, 1992)

In Johannesburg during the year “1992” [sic], he bowled out six batsmen for sixty-one runs against South Africa thus making this match very significant for Kumble’s career. This was a turning point in his cricketing career as it marked his first prominent achievement overseas, establishing him as India’s key bowler.

6. 6/72 vs Sri Lanka (Bangalore, 1994)

Kumble’s role with the ball in hand was evident as he accounted for six wickets giving away seventy-two runs against Sri Lanka at Bangalore during Test match series held there. Kumble had mastered the art of picking important wickets; hence he was India’s best bet when it came to winning matches.

7. 5/21 vs South Africa (Mumbai, 1996)

But then again their all-time best game is against south Africans at Mumbai during Titan cup in “19[9]96” [sic]. The superb height allowed him to scalp five for twenty one in this match that sealed Indian win over South Africa.

8. 6/53 vs New Zealand (Wellington, 2009)

However, Kumble’s figures of six wickets lost for fifty-three were not enough to give India victory but they managed to beat New Zealand by ten-wicket margin on Wellington ground where I was also part of many cricket fans who witnessed this magnificent contest between two nations. An examination of this match reveals that the spinner excelled at bowling marathon spells with impressive accuracy and control.

9. 5/84 vs Australia (Adelaide, 2003)

However, Kumble’s 5/84 in the Adelaide Test of 2003 became one of the key factors in India emerging victorious in Australia for the first time. As a result, they took a vital lead courtesy of his performance and held it on to win this match.

10. 5/63 vs England (The Oval, 2007)

India were able to draw level with England after that fifth test at the Oval during which Kumble captured figures of five wickets falling for sixty-three runs thereby helping India retain series trophy [sic]. With those two attributes, he played a crucial role in managing stress and making sure that India won.

FiguresOpponentVenueYearMatch Impact
10/74PakistanDelhi1999Only the second bowler to take 10 wickets
8/141AustraliaSydney2004Key to securing a memorable draw
7/48West IndiesKolkata1993Led India to Hero Cup semi-final victory
6/12West IndiesKolkata1993Hero Cup final win
6/61South AfricaJohannesburg1992Established Kumble as a key bowler
6/72Sri LankaBangalore1994Crucial role in India’s win
5/21South AfricaMumbai1996Match-winning performance in Titan Cup
6/53New ZealandWellington2009Secured series win
5/84AustraliaAdelaide2003Historic win in Australia
5/63EnglandThe Oval2007Helped secure series win

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