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Ashutosh Sharma: 3 Key Factors Making Him India’s Up-and-Coming Cricket Star

ashutosh sharma_ 3 key factors making him india's up-and-coming cricket star

Ashutosh Sharma is quickly becoming a big name in the 17th IPL season. His game is making everyone sit up and take notice. He’s a rising star, especially in T20 cricket. Ashutosh hit a quick 61 runs from just 28 balls in a game against Mumbai Indians. Unfortunately, Punjab still lost the match by nine runs.

When Ashutosh walked in to bat, things looked tough for Punjab. Mumbai Indians were in a strong position. But Ashutosh didn’t waste any time. He got to work right away, hitting the ball over the boundary with what looked like no trouble at all.

He really caught everyone’s attention when he hit a massive sweep shot against Jasprit Bumrah. That shot showed he’s got what it takes to stick around. He played so well that he nearly got Punjab to win, getting them close to the target.

The game’s momentum shifted to Punjab for a while. It looked like they could win when Gerald Coetzee was getting ready to bowl. Ashutosh tried for a big hit but couldn’t get it over the fielder and got caught.

Power Hitter

Ashutosh Sharma is turning heads with his power-hitting in the IPL. He’s not just a promising player; he’s showing he can be a star, especially in T20 matches. In his short IPL career, he’s already played some memorable innings.

He’s come a long way in just six games, going from nearly quitting cricket to being the player who finishes games for Punjab. That’s pretty rare. Ashutosh has even set a record for the quickest fifty in T20 by an Indian player. His time in the IPL has been impressive.

He’s like a six-hitting factory, sending the ball over the boundary with ease. It’s not just any balls he’s hitting; it’s the good ones. Everyone’s noticed his skill in the tournament. He’s got one of the best hitting records out there.

Ashutosh has hit 43 sixes in 18 T20 games, which means he hits over two sixes every time he bats. That’s a big deal for someone new to the scene. Looking at his performance this season, it’s clear that Ashutosh is on his way to becoming a major name in Indian cricket.

Hitting the big guns

Ashutosh Sharma isn’t just a regular player; he’s cool under pressure and doesn’t care who’s bowling. Whether it’s Pat Cummins or Jasprit Bumrah, he’s all about playing his shots. He’s not fazed by big names or big reputations. If the ball is where he likes it, he’s ready to send it flying.

Even Bumrah, who was the player of the match against Punjab Kings, felt Ashutosh’s strength. The best of bowlers have been on the receiving end of Ashutosh’s sixes. He took a Bumrah yorker and turned it into a massive six that had everyone talking. It’s shots like these that make you think Ashutosh has something special.

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Ashutosh stepped up to Bumrah’s challenge, sweeping him over the fence. It’s a tough shot to play against one of the best, but Ashutosh made it look easy. It’s this kind of performance that’s winning him fans and proving that he might just be the next big thing in cricket.

Cool Under Pressure

Ashutosh Sharma is proving he’s got a cool head on his shoulders, showing he can handle big-game pressure in his debut IPL season. While lots of new players shine, not all take charge so quickly. That’s what makes Ashutosh stand out.

He’s been the player to watch when he steps up to bat, keeping things simple and not letting the bowlers get the better of him. His confidence is clear from the way he hits those strong shots.

Being able to score when the pressure’s on is a big deal for any player, let alone a newcomer. Ashutosh is already hinting that he might become a well-known name in cricket soon. Everyone’s watching to see if he’ll make the leap to the Indian T20 team.

There is also a speculation that Hardik Pandya might get dropped in the upcoming T20 World Cup if his IPL performances are below par. India would need someone with similar power hitting abilities. If Ashutosh can maintain his form and at least single handedly win a few matches, he might give other hitters like Rinku Singh, Tewatia and Shivam Dube a run for their chances in the upcoming T20 World Cup. 

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