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CSK’s Early Bowling Struggles Could Jeopardise Their IPL 2024 Season

csk's early bowling struggles could jeopardize their ipl 2024 season

After seven games and 42 overs in IPL 2024, CSK’s bowlers have given up 398 runs. That’s a lot of runs, especially with only seven wickets to show for it. Their run rate is high, at 9.47. If these were batting stats, fans would be over the moon. But for bowling, it’s not great news. The start of this season hasn’t been kind to CSK’s bowling during the powerplay phase, and it’s a worrying trend.

Before this season started, not many people thought CSK had the best bowlers. Still, they’re known for making the best out of what they have. Fans hoped they’d find a way to get things working well.

So far, they’ve had to lean on standout performances from individual players like Matheesha Pathirana, Mustafizur Rahman, or Ravindra Jadeja. These players have stepped up and sometimes carried the team through a game. But everyone knows that winning can’t just depend on one or two players; it’s not going to work all the time.

The rest of the team needs to step up their game. It starts right from the first ball, where CSK needs to tighten up. They’ve been missing the mark and not controlling the game from the start.

CSK Struggling in Powerplay

In the IPL’s early overs, CSK has snagged only seven wickets from 252 balls. That’s not a lot—just about one per game. Only one team has been worse at taking wickets in this crucial phase. Everyone’s been talking about how CSK’s bowling has been off this season.

Deepak Chahar usually does well, but this time, he’s struggling. He’s got four wickets in these early overs, but he’s not scaring batters like he used to. His balls aren’t swinging much, and he’s been too predictable. Plus, his runs given away are up, at 8.8 per over. This isn’t helping CSK put the squeeze on their opponents early on.

CSK even benched Chahar for a few games. That’s a big move for them because they usually stick with their players.

Last season, Maheesh Theekshana would bowl in the first six overs and do a steady job, even if he didn’t take a lot of wickets. But this season, CSK’s been playing both Mustafizur and Pathirana, so Theekshana hasn’t had as many chances.

Mustafizur won’t be in the team after May 1st. So, CSK might have to count on Theekshana again. The big question is, will it be too late by then?

CSK’s legacy of bouncing back

CSK, with their history of five IPL titles, have shown they can turn things around after a tough start, just like they did in some matches against teams like Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians. They’ve had moments of magic that flipped the script, with Jadeja and Pathirana delivering when it mattered.

It’s pretty clear, though, CSK’s been struggling in the powerplay more often than not. It’s not a great trend, and it’s got them worried.

Ruturaj Gaikwad, their captain, pointed this out after a recent loss. He knows their early game needs to get better. He also joked that their batting needs a boost, hinting they need to score more to help their bowlers out.

Last year, under Dhoni, they faced similar issues with their inexperienced bowling attack. They overcame it then, mainly by taking wickets early on. But this year, they’re not getting those wickets in the powerplay, and it’s hurting them.

Looking at the numbers, only RCB had a better wicket-take rate in the early overs last year. CSK’s performance has dropped this season. They’re now getting a wicket every 31.18 runs and 21.33 balls. Last year, they had better stats: a bowling average of 56.85 and a strike rate of 36. And their economy rate has gone up too, from 8.77 to 9.47. They’ve got some work to do if they want to keep up their championship form.

What’s undeniable is that CSK has the pedigree and the prowess. It’s now a matter of channelling that into performance, starting from the very first over. With resilience and teamwork, there’s every chance we’ll see them evolve into the powerhouse we know they can be. After all, in the game of cricket and betting, especially in a spectacle like the IPL, it’s never too late for a comeback if you’re using Lotus365.

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