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Highest Team Totals in Test Cricket

highest team totals in test cricket

Test cricket has always remained the ultimate test of stamina, skill and strategy. In the past, teams have recorded some massive totals which have gone down in folklore. Here are the highest ever innings scores in Test history.

TeamRunsOpponentYearKey Performers
Sri Lanka952/6dIndia1997Sanath Jayasuriya (340), R Mahanama (225)
England903/7dAustralia1938Leonard Hutton (364)
England849West Indies1930Andy Sandham (325), Leslie Ames (149)
West Indies790/3dPakistan1958Garfield Sobers (365*)
Pakistan765/6dSri Lanka2009Younis Khan (313)
Sri Lanka760/7dIndia2009Mahela Jayawardene (275), P Jayawardene (154*)
India759/7dEngland2016Karun Nair (303*)
Australia758/8dWest Indies1955Neil Harvey (204)
Sri Lanka756/5dSouth Africa2006Kumar Sangakkara (287), M Jayawardene (374)
India750/7dWest Indies2016Virat Kohli (200)

Sri Lanka – 952/6d against India (1997)

Sri Lanka holds the record for the highest ever team total in a Test match. In 1997 at R Premadasa Stadium in Colombo, they declared at an unbelievable 952/6 against India. Sanath Jayasuriya hit a marathon 340 and Roshan Mahanama scored 225 runs with a partnership of 576 runs that were broken only by declaration.

England – 903/7d against Australia (1938)

England’s score of 903/7 declared made against Australia at The Oval in 1938 is still one of the most important figures in Test history. Leonard Hutton played one of his best innings to post this gigantic number with his monumental score of three hundred sixty four runs. It should also be noted that the match was played when World War II was looming.

England – 849 against West Indies (1930)

In Kingston in 1930 England piled up an enormous total of eighty four nine versus West Indies. Andy Sandham scored three hundred and twenty five as Leslie Ames helped him along to make sure that England reached this magical figure exactly.

West Indies – 790/3d against Pakistan (1958)

What made West Indies’ score particular iconic is its declaration on seven forty-five for loss of three wickets and Sir Garfield Sobers’ unbeaten three hundred sixty five. This inning demonstrated how good West Indian batting was during that period.

Pakistan –765/6d vs Sri Lanka (2009)

Pakistan had earlier set Sri Lanka an impossible task after scoring seven hundred sixty-five runs for six wickets deceleration at Karachi; Younis Khan’s three hundred and thirteen run innings in this match was a perfect example of his ability to carry on patiently.

Sri Lanka – 760/7d against India (2009)

The next spot is taken by Sri Lanka with their score of seven sixty. This huge number was created during the third and final test match of the tournament in which Mahela Jayawardene scored two hundred seventy five runs while Prasanna Jayawardene remained unbeaten on one hundred fifty four.

India – 759/7d versus England (2016)

A more recent addition to the list is India’s seven fifty-nine for seven declared against England in Chennai last year. Karun Nair became the first Indian after Virender Sehwag to post a triple ton when he remained unbeaten at three hundred and three.

Australia – 758/8d against West Indies (1955)

Australia declared at seven fifty eight for eight wickets versus West Indies that took place between 11th and16th February, 1955 at Sabina Park; Neil Harvey made two hundred four runs which were instrumental in helping Australia reach this figure.

Sri Lanka –756/5d against South Africa (2006)

South Africa batted second after Sri Lanka set an imposing target of seven hundred fifty six for five at Colombo; Kumar Sangakkara hit two hundred eighty-seven, while Mahela Jayawardene hammered three hundred seventy-four. These scores highlighted their batting strength more than anything else.

India–750/7d against West Indies (2016)

Against West Indies, India scored a massive total of seven-fifty decelerated in Antigua last year; Virat Kohli’s double century and contributions from other top-order batsmen showed how deep Indian batting line-up could be.

These records reveal how some teams have dominated certain matches or eras. For example, Sri Lanka’s score of nine five two against India stands out for their huge size and the incredible partnership between Jayasuriya and Mahanama. England’s score of nine hundred three on seven wickets is extraordinary considering that this was a time when cricket was still traditional.
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