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How To Win Big in IPL 2024? Top Betting Tips for High-Scoring Matches

how to win big in ipl 2024

In a season marked by run glutes and sky-high totals, bettors need to pivot their strategies to stay ahead in the game. Here’s how you can adapt your betting strategy to capitalise on the current trends in IPL 2024:

1. Factor in Current Team Form and Player Stats

Teams like SRH have been consistently hitting high totals, with players such as Travis Head posting remarkable strike rates. Adjust your session and player bets to reflect the likelihood of such teams and players continuing their form.

2. Re-evaluate the Over/Under Markets

The standard for high scores has shifted upwards. For example, if the historical Over/Under for total match runs was around 320, you may now look at 340 or more as the new norm, especially in matches involving high-scoring teams.

3. Pay Attention to Pitch Reports and Ground History

Grounds with a history of high scores should influence your betting strategy. If the match is at a venue where SRH scored 277/3, betting Over on run totals could be more lucrative.

4. Consider the Impact Player Rule

This new strategic element can shift the game’s momentum. If a team is known to utilize their Impact Player effectively, consider this in live betting markets.

5. Live Betting Adjustments

With high-scoring games, in-play betting provides opportunities to capitalize on the changing odds. For instance, if a team like SRH is at 100/2 in 10 overs, betting on them to continue the scoring spree could be profitable.

6. Utilize Player Performance Data

High scorers like V Kohli or effective bowlers like Bumrah are often safe bets for surpassing personal performance lines. For example, betting on Kohli to score over 30 runs or Bumrah to take at least 2 wickets based on current form can be smart choices.

7. Adapt to Bowling Economy Rates

With high run rates, don’t overlook bowlers who manage to maintain low economy rates. These players can offer value in prop bets against the tide of high-scoring matches.

8. Keep an Eye on Weather Conditions

Dew can play a significant role in the latter part of the game, which can affect both batting explosiveness and bowling grip. If dew is expected, adjust your bets accordingly for a second innings performance.

Real Example:

In a hypothetical match where SRH, with their high power play scoring rate, is batting first on a batting-friendly ground, placing a higher Over bet for the first six overs could be a shrewd move. Alternatively, if Bumrah is bowling at the death with a low economy, you might bet on his overs being more economical, despite the general trend of high scoring.

We’ve talked extensively on Why 200+ Totals Are the New Normal in IPL 2024. It will give you a good understanding of how to bet in these new circumstances of high scores where every 3rd game is fetching a total of 200+. 

By incorporating these strategies, bettors can better navigate the shifting tides of IPL 2024. Remember, betting is not just about the knowledge of the game but also about the strategic anticipation of trends and making informed decisions based on real-time scenarios. Always bet responsibly and within your means.

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