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Most Catches by a Fielder in ODI Cricket

most catches by a fielder in odi cricket

Fielding is an integral part of cricket, and exceptional fielders can turn the tide of a match with their acrobatic catches and sharp reflexes. In One Day Internationals (ODIs), some players have set remarkable records for the most catches, showcasing their consistency and reliability in the field. Here, we look at the top fielders who have taken the most catches in ODI cricket.

PlayerTeamSpanMatchesInningsCatchesMax Catches in an InningsCt/Inns
DPMD JayawardeneAsia/SL1998-201544844321840.492
RT PontingAUS/ICC1995-201237537216030.430
M AzharuddinIND1985-200033433215640.469
V KohliIND2008-202329228915130.522
LRPL TaylorNZ2006-202223623214240.612
SR TendulkarIND1989-201246345614040.307
SP FlemingICC/NZ1994-200728027613340.481
JH KallisAfr/ICC/SA1996-201432832413130.404
Younis KhanPAK2000-201526525713040.505
M MuralidaranAsia/ICC/SL1993-201135034713030.374

1. DPMD Jayawardene (Asia/SL) – 218 Catches

Mahela Jayawardene, with 218 catches in 448 matches, tops the list. His sharp fielding skills and safe hands have saved countless runs and created crucial breakthroughs for Sri Lanka.

2. RT Ponting (AUS/ICC) – 160 Catches

Ricky Ponting was not just a formidable batsman but also an outstanding fielder. His 160 catches in 375 matches for Australia highlight his agility and precision in the field.

3. M Azharuddin (IND) – 156 Catches

Mohammad Azharuddin’s 156 catches in 334 matches reflect his elegance and reliability. His swift movement and anticipation made him one of India’s best fielders.

4. V Kohli (IND) – 151 Catches

Virat Kohli’s athleticism and commitment are evident in his 151 catches from 292 matches. Kohli’s fielding prowess has been an asset for India, often leading to crucial dismissals.

5. LRPL Taylor (NZ) – 142 Catches

Ross Taylor’s 142 catches in 236 matches for New Zealand demonstrate his consistency and sharp reflexes. Taylor’s contributions in the field have complemented his batting, making him a key player for the Kiwis.

6. SR Tendulkar (IND) – 140 Catches

Sachin Tendulkar, the cricketing legend, also made significant contributions in the field with 140 catches in 463 matches. His fielding often matched his batting excellence.

7. SP Fleming (ICC/NZ) – 133 Catches

Stephen Fleming, known for his captaincy and batting, also excelled in the field with 133 catches in 280 matches. His strategic field placements and catching abilities were crucial for New Zealand.

8. JH Kallis (Afr/ICC/SA) – 131 Catches

Jacques Kallis, one of the greatest all-rounders, took 131 catches in 328 matches. His fielding added another dimension to his already impressive cricketing skills.

9. Younis Khan (PAK) – 130 Catches

Younis Khan’s 130 catches in 265 matches highlight his versatility and commitment. His safe hands were often relied upon in crucial moments for Pakistan.

10. M Muralidaran (Asia/ICC/SL) – 130 Catches

Muttiah Muralitharan, primarily known for his spin wizardry, also contributed significantly in the field with 130 catches in 350 matches. His fielding complemented his bowling, making him a complete player.

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