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Rohit Sharma’s Record-Breaking Performances

rohit sharma record breaking performances

Often referred to as the “Hitman,” “Rohit Sharma” has had an illustrious career with numerous record-breaking performances. His ability to score big runs and perform under pressure has made him one of the most feared batsmen in world cricket. Let us look at some memorable innings by Rohit Sharma that broke cricketing records.

Highest Individual Score in ODIs: 264 vs Sri Lanka (2014)

Rohit Sharma’s unforgettable 264 against Sri Lanka at Eden Gardens in 2014 is perhaps the most iconic performance in ODI cricket. He showed how he can dominate bowlers and bat long through this innings which comprised of a staggering thirty-three fours and nine sixes.

Most Double Centuries in ODIs

Only one man, Rohit Sharma, has ever scored three double centuries in ODIs at any stage of his career. His double hundreds against Australia (209), Sri Lanka (264) and Sri Lanka again (208*) show his affinity for marathon batting and heavy scoring.

Fastest Century in T20 Internationals: 35 Balls vs Sri Lanka (2017)

In December 2017, Rohit Sharma hit up the fastest century in T20 internationals – a blistering 35-ball hundred against Sri Lanka! This match highlighted his explosive batting prowess which makes him an all round player even when it comes to shortest format of the game.

Most Runs in a Single ICC World Cup Edition: 648 Runs (2019)

During India’s campaign for the world cup trophy held last summer, he accumulated an overwhelming total of six hundred forty-eight runs with five tons becoming highest individual scorer across editions. In particular, his five centuries have played pivotal roles as India reached semis stage earlier this month.

Highest Individual Score in ODIs264 vs. Sri Lanka, 2014
Most Double Centuries in ODIsThree double hundreds
Fastest Century in T20 InternationalsOnly 35 balls vs. Sri Lanka, 2017
Most Runs in a Single ICC World Cup Edition648 runs in the 2019 World Cup
Captain of Mumbai IndiansLed MI to five IPL titles

Impact on Indian Cricket

Indian cricket team would not be same without Rohit Sharma’s feats. The Red Bull advert syndrome seems to be affecting every new Indian limited over cricketer. He not only brings glory to India but also sets benchmarks for generations to come.

Leadership and IPL Success

As the skipper of Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League, Rohit Sharma has helped his side win five titles making them the most successful team in the history of this tournament. They have won five titles because he is a good strategist whose inspiration has been key to their success.

Influence Beyond the Field

Rohit Sharma’s influence spreads beyond cricket. There is no other international cricketer who gives so much importance to his fitness as Rohit does, ultimately making it a benchmark for all other players around the world. In Lotus365 Sports betting or following latest matches, we acknowledge such great legends of cricket like Rohit Sharma whose presence adds unique value on our platform. Besides you can bet online while watching Rohit’s iconic moments with ease courtesy of your Lotus365 ID.


Rohit Sharma’s record-breaking performances are a reflection of his immense talent and commitment towards the sport. He has been one of India’s match-winners due to sheer consistency over time at this level where very few batsmen manage that feat well enough.. This is why we commemorate such incredible achievements at Lotus365 as they serve as motivation for us all. Get more insight into Rohit Sharma’s incredible journey through Lotus365 and enjoy cricket excitement with each page turned.

Final Thoughts

The journey of Rohit Sharma from an emerging cricketer to be one of the best batsmen in the world is truly inspirational. He has set new records in cricket and his legacy still motivates both players and fans. At Lotus365, we honor incredible achievements of individuals such as Rohit Sharma. Keep connected with Lotus365 for more about cricket and feel the thrill of a game.

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